What is Rooter application, how to use it ?

 Hello friends, I welcome you all very much in today's brand new post, Friends, if you are a player of Free Fire game and you want to get lots of free diamonds in your free fire game I'd like and free Dj Alok Character  The post is for you,

 Today I am going to tell you about such a wonderful application, with the help of that application, you can take unlimited free diamond in your free fire I'd like to read this post till the last time!


 Friends, the special thing of this application is that many pro players do live streaming of free fire game in this application, you can learn many ways to play them by watching their games, and if you support them, then you will get them as a gift.  Sara Diamond and Dj Alok Character are also provided, in this application not only one player but players of all countries also do free fire live streaming and you will get lots of information about new updates and new new events of free fire,

 And if you complete whatever task is done in this application, then you will get some Coin in exchange for that, you can redeem that coin and get unlimited Diamond,

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 How to download the application?

 There are two simple ways to download friends app, the first way is you search by typing Rooter in your phone's playstore, first you will find the app, and the second way is you see the red download button in this post  Can be downloaded by clicking on it at no charge!



How to use Rooter application ?

 Friends, when you download the app in your mobile, after that you will have to singin which you will have to do with your mobile number, after that you have to enter your complete details to create a profile, after that your Rooter app has your account complete.  Now here you will get a live stream, video, giveaway video of free fire game that you like, you can watch and learn according to your liking, and you will support any big player of free fire as a gift.  We will also give diamonds, if you can also earn money by putting related videos of free fire games,

 So friends, today I hope that you will have got complete information about Rooter App, if you want to know about new new updates and tricks related to new free fire game in the same way then my website  Keep visiting

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