Kedarnath movie download and Leaked by Pagalworld

Kedarnath film is a romantic drama and disaster movie released in 2018. It stars Sushant Singh and Sara Ali Khan and its director and producer are Abhishek Kapoor.

kedarnath movie download and Leaked by Pagalworld

The Kedarnath movie is based on a Hindu Muslim love story and inside it, Sushant Singh is a Muslim boy and Sara Ali Khan is from a Hindu Brahmin family and his family is in the place of the priest of the main temple in Kedarnath and there in Sushant in Kedarnath, who plays the Muslim boy, gets tourists to the city of Kedarnath and runs his home.

A lot of big actresses have worked in this film like Sushant Singh Rajput, Sara Ali Khan, Nitish Bhardwaj, Alka Goer, Sonali Sachdev, Pooja Gaur, and Nishant Diya.

Kedarnath movie download and Leaked by Pagalworld

In the story of Kedarnath, Sushant Singh Rajput is named as forced Khan and is a Muslim voter and where Sara Ali Khan is named Pappu Mishra and she is the daughter of a shopkeeper near the main temple of Kedarnath who is a Kedarnath remains very popular and thus the story of his love story begins and he moves on.

The girl named inside this movie falls in love with a Muslim boy and accepts him as his everything and when the people of his house know that he is thinking about separating her from it. It is said that only then a huge flood comes in Kedarnath. 

All the people get upset due to this and the chances of survival of people are very low and many people have to face death. Due to this, everyone hides in a temple but for some time that temple also gets immersed in the text and then a miracle happens and a very big stone comes in between that temple and the floodwater.

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That temple Becomes and all the people are safe there and in no time, the Indian Rescue Team comes in love and starts saving people, due to which the character of Muslim boy Sushant Singh Dar helps everyone and loses his life while helping everyone, this story is shown to us inside Kedarnath Movie. This movie is a very brilliant and very surprising movie. The director and acting of this movie are very good. Hai, you can watch and write this movie on Hotstar and Sony Live TV and it is also available where you can get well.

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