Bhatia Ashram Suratgarh (Rajasthan)

Bhatia Ashram Suratgarh This name is spread across the face of everyone in Rajasthan today, its director is Mr. Parveen Bhatia Ji, who has been working for many years to keep this system running, here it has very good facilities for the poor, Study fees are also low here.

Bhatia Ashram Coaching Institute is the only institute in the whole country in which even children from poor families can study, they do not need to pay many fees, here it costs just ₹250 per month and students studying from here get the reading material and Test series are also conducted regularly and 75% of the children coming here go to some government department and Praveen Bhatia Ji himself says that what happens here never stops in his life. Keeps touching heights!

bhatia ashram suratgarh
Bhatia Ashram main Building

Bhatia Ashram Suratgarh

Bhatia Ashram is not only Suratgarh, but Ganganagar is also the best and working fee coaching center, all the students falling in Bhatia Ashram are given the best facilities.

Bhatia Ashram Add.:- Behind Tagore College New Housing Board, PWD Colony, Suratgarh, Rajasthan 33580

You must have known about the facilities of Bhatia Ashram, but today I tell you some things about Bhatia Ashram which no one knows.

those who live in Suratgarh or are in touch with Bhatia Ashram, the same people know these things.

  1. Bhatia Ashram is the most popular ashram in Rajasthan.
  2. The number of students in Bhatia Ashram is increasing very fast.
  3. Suratgarh has developed due to Bhatia Ashram.
  4. Due to the Bhatia Ashram, Suratgarh will become an education hub in the coming times.
  5. Most of the teachers in Bhatia Ashram are the same who have been educated by studying themselves in Bhatia Ashram.

About Bhatia Ashram

Bhatia Ashram has recently started its own YouTube channel, on that YouTube, they will take all the classes online, the main reason is Kovid-19 and for this reason, Praveen Bhatia Ji has put a video on YouTube and said that he himself and From now on, as long as there is a problem of Kovid-19 from their other teachers, then they will take online classes so that the study of the students can go smoothly.

Bhatia Ashram is the best coaching institute not only in Suratgarh but in the whole of Ganganagar and students come from far and wide to study in it.

Many people from here also crack exams like IAS Aryas and make their life a new one Gives direction and with the guidance of Bhatia Ashram and Praveen Bhatia Ji, many students have succeeded in achieving success ie purpose in their life.

Bhatia Ashram Review

All Useful Information About Bhatia Ashram

Name Center - Bhatia Ashram 
Courses - Any Type of Govt. Competition Exam  
Location - New housing Board, Behind Tegor College (Suratgarh)
Owner - Mr. Parveen Bhatia 
Telegram - Click Here
Special Classes - RAS, IAS Batch for New College Students

Bhatia Ashram Telegram Channel

There is a telegram to stay connected with all the students of Bhatia Ashram, the link of which you will find below.

With the help of this Telegram channel, all the students and organizations of Bhatia Ashram are connected, whenever they have to give any new information, then it goes through this Telegram channel.

Many students have received something in their life by getting an education from here or say that they have achieved success and they still consider Bhatia Ashram as an education temple and it is truly a temple of education.

Bhatia Ashram Classes

Bhatia Ashram Coaching Institute offers coaching on many subjects, among which RS and IAS are the main, classes are organized by Bhatia Ashram, which is named after them.

1. IAS Tiger Batch
2. RAS Tiger Batch
3. IAS Lion Batch

Not only in Rajasthan but all over India, it is the only coaching institute to get IAS coaching at the lowest fees.

From time to time seminars are held in Bhatia Ashram Coaching, in which Praveen Bhatia Ji makes his own speech and encourages all the children and awakens them in reading.

Bhatia Ashram Notes

Bhatia Ashram Mudra Sfiti Notes

Utkarast Current GK

Sadhya RAS Yoga Notes

Bhatia Ashram

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